Thai Milk Crab

Thai Milk Crab

Welcome to Thai Milk Crab

Here at Thai Milk Crab, we introduce you a brand new flavour of fresh crab: Savoury milk crab. It is a special cooking style where we infuse fresh milk and Thai chilli sauce to enhance the taste of fresh crab roe and meat. We also prepare our crab in other flavours like Teochew Cold crab & Salted egg crab. Do take your time to browse our menu and hope u enjoy your crab as much as we do.

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Delivery timing is 12-3 pm for lunch, 5-7pm for dinner & 7-10pm for supper.
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Crabs and Fish

  • Cold Crab

    Cold Crab  

  • Double Shell Crab

    Double Shell Crab  

  • Thai Milk Crab

    Thai Milk Crab  

  • Salted Egg Crab

    Salted Egg Crab  

  • BBQ Crab

    BBQ Crab  

    BBQ and coated in special inhouse Pepper sauce.

  • BBQ Boston Lobster

    BBQ Boston Lobster  

    Coated in our Special In house pepper sauces and top with Cheese

  • Thai Milk Crab Bag  

    Prawn, Clams, Squid, Corn, Carrot, Potato Brocolli.

  • Soon Hock

    Soon Hock   

    Steam and cook in cantonese style

Mama Noodle

  • Maggi mama  

    Serve 2-3

  • Maggi mama lobster  

    1 boston lobster


  • Cockles (Seahum)

    Cockles (Seahum)  

  • Conch (Gong Gong)

    Conch (Gong Gong)  

  • Live Oyster

    Live Oyster   

  • Baby Lobster  

Thai Dish

  • Tomyum Goong  

  • Basil Minced Pork + Century Egg  

  • Kang Kong   

  • Egg Omeltte  

Thai Yum Salad

  • Salmon Sashimi Salad  

  • Seafood Tang Hoon  

  • Century Egg  Unavailable 


  • Fragrant Rice  

  • Deep Fried Mantou  

  • Signature Chilli Sauce

    Signature Chilli Sauce  


  • Thai Milk Tea  

  • Thai Milk Tea (Green)  

  • Canned Drinks  

  • Mineral Water  

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